SHOUT4HE Fourth Newsletter - December 2019 | Page 2

SHOUT4HE FOURTH NEWSLETTER | Issue 4 The third meeting of the research project provided an excellent opportunity to make significant progress in relation to the Intellectual Outputs of the research. The first of these that was discussed is the E-Platform (IO2) that was presented by the team from Hogeschool PXL with the creation of a closed prototype. The current prototype consists of a series of static pages that have various links and menus that will become active once a more complete platform is developed. It was extremely useful for our discussions to be able to visualise the E-Platform and identify any improvements that could be made for an increased user interface. An update was provided to all partners of the research and led to discussions surrounding the formatting and content of our future E-Platform. 2 Third Project Meeting: Day One This resulted in some minor changes that the PXL Team can now work on ahead of our next project meeting. Among the suggestions that were made is the possibility of collapsible menus and sections of information. This should result in a cleaner page that does not offer an overload of information for the user to interact with at any given time when using the platform. The aim now is to have an open prototype that can be made available to relevant audiences for accessing the Pedagogical Practice Videos that are beginning to be produced and uploaded to the site. Third Project Meeting: Day Two The second section of our discussions whilst at the University of Limerick revolved around our series of E-Resources (IO3). These discussions were framed around the development of Pedagogical Practice Videos (PPVs) that will be created during the duration of the research project by both members of the research and their peers that are recruited to participate in the coming months. In order to gather a greater insight into the content and structure that we wanted to achieve, 4 different videos were presented that partners of the research had recently produced. These led to the decision that each video will have the same Chapters and structure to ensure that a level of consistency is maintained throughout. Further discussions focused on the format that we wanted our videos to follow. Without imposing too many negative constraints on the creation of the PPVs, we made the decision that a range of interviews and ‘talking heads’ will be utilised during the video production process. This should provide a range of videos for HE teachers to access whilst maintaining a good level of standards and structure throughout the collection of PPVs created. All partners will now begin creating the final set of PPVs, with the target of having these finalised by the project meeting in Nice (December, 2020).