SHOUT4HE Fourth Newsletter - December 2019

SHOUT4HE FOURTH NEWSLETTER Issue 4 SHOUT4HE Fourth Newsletter December 2019 ‘SHARING OPEN EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES USING TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGHER EDUCATION’ (SHOUT4HE). SHOUT4HE: University of Limerick Visit Project Meeting During the first day and a half of our time in Limerick we conducted our discussions and progress on the outcomes of the project. These included key attention paid to Intellectual Output Two: E-Platform and Intellectual Output Three: E- Resources. An update on these outputs was provided by the team from Belgium (Hogeschool PXL). Pedagogical Practice Videos (PPVs) were presented and discussed by the whole project team with the aim of developing a structure for the future resources to be created during the research project. Multiplier Event This interactive multiplier event was an opportunity for education practitioners to learn of SHOUT4HE and the recent initiatives at a national level concerning open practice and digital learning. The event was designed to include spotlight presentations from high profile speakers at national and international level in the area of open education and digital capacity in HE. It also included a practical workshop intended to facilitate the debate and provide further inspiration for participants to share their education practices using technology openly. Due to the discussions and input of the project meeting and multiplier event, a selection of changes and decisions have been made in relation to the two key outputs of the research (IO2 and IO3). These will be included within the content of the newsletter, with reference made to a simple change made to the Recognition Framework that was finalised and previewed in the last newsletter. IN THIS ISSUE Third Project Meeting The third meeting of the research project took place on the 18 th and 19 th of November at the University of Limerick. The progress and discussions from this will be highlighted. Second Multiplier Event On the afternoon of the 19 th of November, the second multiplier event of the project was led by the team at Limerick. This included input from Gary Beauchamp, Catherine Cronin and Sharon Flynn.