SHOUT4HE - Fifth Newsletter - September 2020 - Page 3

SHOUT4HE FIFTH NEWSLETTER | Issue 5 3 Project Progress Update Pedagogical Practice Videos Update Currently, the project is ahead of schedule in relation to the development and creation of Pedagogical Practice Videos (PPVs) that will be shared and available on the SHOUT4HE E-Platform. Each partner of the research is working towards a minimum of 8 videos, however this number is expected to be exceeded at all universities. These include a range of subjects, courses and disciplines, including education, dentistry, engineering, languages and expressive arts subjects among others. This will ensure that there are a wide range of topics and videos available to access when the SHOUT4HE E-Platform is ready for access. Due to the current circumstances, various partners have had to put recording and production of new videos on hold. However, future planning and preparation has resulted in each partner being able to still produce and deliver PPVs on time with the initial project timeline. Despite the current circumstances, excellent progress is being made on the SHOUT4HE E-Platform. Hogeschool PXL have been continuously working on developing the platform in order for it to be capable of storing and presenting our Pedagogical Practice Videos. Currently, the ‘back-end’ of the platform is in place and ready to store all data to be shared on the platform and various video pages. This leaves minor changes and additions left to be made before the platform is ready to be widely accessible. These additions include the use of chapters to make navigating video content easier for the user and the ability to filter between different video topics, such as technology used or subject discipline. We hope to have these changes made in the near future when we can make our platform and initial PPVs ready for access. E-Platform Update