SHOUT4HE - Fifth Newsletter - September 2020 | Page 2

SHOUT4HE FIFTH NEWSLETTER | Issue 5 2 COVID-19 Impact and Planning Virtual Meetings Due to the limitations imposed on face-to-face communication and collaboration during the recent circumstances, the project management team has placed a larger focus on the use of virtual meetings. This has been utilized in order to ensure that the project team across all universities can maintain lines of communication throughout lockdown. The virtual meetings have been scheduled on a monthly basis throughout this period via Microsoft Teams and Zoom and allow for discussions to take place on all areas of the research project. This has ensured that progress is continuing to be made despite the difficult and varying circumstances each project partner currently finds themselves in. Another impact of the recent and future limitations being implemented during the COVID-19 outbreak is the moving of our transnational meeting scheduled to take place in Bordeaux. Fortunately, this has not resulted in any form of cancellation and the Bordeaux meeting is now scheduled to take place on the 1st and 2nd of February 2021. The new date for the meeting still allows for all Intellectual Outputs of the project to be delivered as initially planned and with no disruption to all other elements of the research. Currently, the project team is in discussions about alternative options for the upcoming transnational meeting in Nice (December, 2020). If required, virtual options are being considered should any of the project partners still be limited in their travel arrangements. Transnational Meetings