SHOUT4HE - Fifth Newsletter - September 2020

SHOUT4HE FIFTH NEWSLETTER Issue 5 SHOUT4HE Fifth Newsletter September 2020 ‘SHARING OPEN EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES USING TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGHER EDUCATION’ (SHOUT4HE). Introduction Welcome to the fifth edition of the SHOUT4HE newsletter. In this edition of the newsletter, we will provide an update on the current progress of the project, specifically focusing on our E-Platform and Pedagogical Practice Videos. The newsletter will also outline the recent measures we have implemented in order to combat and limit the impact of the current circumstances and why these decisions have been made. COVID-19 Impact and Planning Due to current circumstances surrounding the impacts of COVID- 19, a number of changes and preparations have been made in terms of the present and future planning of the project. This is to ensure that the impact of the current situation does not hinder SHOUT4HE’s ability to successfully achieve all Intellectual Outputs of the research. Any changes and alterations we have made to our current management of the project will be outlined in greater detail on Page 1 of the newsletter. This will include our recent use of virtual meetings and the planning of upcoming transnational meetings. These decisions have been made through a consultation process with the whole project team and have ensured that the project has been able to continue with little difficulty at this moment in time. Project Progress Since the most recent newsletter of the SHOUT4HE research project, good progress has been made towards each of the Intellectual Outputs. These include the development of Pedagogical Practice Videos (PPVs) and the development of our E-Platform where these videos will be stored. An update on each of these elements and other progress being made within the research will be outlined in further detail within the relevant section of this newsletter. IN THIS ISSUE COVID-19 Impact & Planning An update on the project timeline and future planning of the research will be outlined, including the current changes we have made to limit impact on the project. Page 2 Project Progress An update will be provided on the Intellectual Outputs of the project. This will include progress on our E-Platform and the development of our Pedagogical Practice Videos (PPVs). Page 3