Short-story translation | Page 14

The next day the devoted friends of the Blessed were especially excited by the news brought and written in the secret list , which of course , was known to everyone from the town . On the same day this news went through all the streets and spread everywhere . It brought something special , something festive . The townspeople came to life and somehow grew up , because in the middle of the their monotonous lives came something strange , something unprecedented , which was incredibly beautiful and pleasant , because it was like a lie that everyone believed in .
One clear truth makes life calm , whereas one good lie makes it amazing . This news came with the spring , and the small town went through a double update☺ . The tree buds popped up fast , and in the clean gardens appeared the first flowers . Little butterflies flew past the big fences and fluttered over the sunny homes .
The quiet Smarayda herself when she heard that smiled as innocently as she hadn ’ t done in a long while . She stood long in front of the mirror like never before . Then she cleaned the roots of the large roses , on whose sticks the juices of life had already flowed . As she went to church on the next holiday , she heard whispers behind her back and felt the envious looks of the women on all sides , which strongly refreshed Smarayda and for the first time in her life made her look up one step higher .
On her way back she walked along the main street . In front of the cafes and pubs men sat in the sun . She felt their looks full of desire interweaved and dragged them like invisible reins to the farthest turn . Hiding in the small streets , she went home quickly and excited like a young girl .
On the first days of the Lent , the time when the strongest tree blooms , that is , the dogwood , Pavel the Blessed went round the town to help eliminate garden caterpillars and cultivate trees .
While working , Pavel was standing on the small ladder pulling at the string of the scissors and was thinking of Smarayda ’ s gold hair wondering if he should believe it or not . He hadn ’ t seen Smarayda , but his friends told him they had seen her , and she really looked like having something different that other women didn ’ t have . Most of them were treasure seekers , gamblers and hunters , and easily believed in Smarayda ’ s gold hair , thus allowing for this miracle ’ s existence . The Blessed One started thinking .