Short-story translation | Page 13

bodies of all women , old and young , especially the widows , in whom he had a special interest .
This list was read secretly only by his closes friends , and every other day they either deleted or added something to it . The Blessed One was collecting knowledge about this topic from every possible source . He checked suspicious matters alone or through others , weighed everything like a pharmacist on the scales of his mind , and recorded only what seemed interesting and original to him . His fantasy was sharp as a needle with which he often stabbed the truth , and from there bled drops of blood , inflaming him to the beautiful , deceitful and sweet lie .
Pavel the Handsome was a guy healthy , with a dark face , big hair , which was also curly and in silver rings , and almost white behind the ears . His job in the town was to cut the vines , remove caterpillars from the trees , cultivate various wild trees and improve the roses , repair the clock of the town tower , open locks whose keys were missing , and also to find underground rivers for town springs and wells . These activities gave him the chance to roam everywhere freely and because of this his soul was also free , and keeping a list of women was as enjoyable as a child ’ s game . He had remained an old bachelor , because he preferred not to catch the bird but chase after its shadow .
Once Blessed Pavel , while chatting with the old goofy confessor of the small church from whom he learned secrets said only to him by the women , heard something that he had neither thought of nor written in his love list . It was that Smarayda had a special place with a gold hair on her body . The old father learned this from his wife who bathed in the town baths together with the Smarayda .
That was a surprise to Pavel that really shocked him a lot . A gold hair ! Unheard of ! His imagination unraveled and branched like the vines he was cutting .
“ Smarayda ? Who is Smarayda ?” he was trying to remember who this wonderful widow was . He knew almost everyone in town . It was only when the priest told him who her deceased husband was , the street and the house in which she lived that finally Pavel remembered and slapped himself on the wide forehead .