SHERP - Page 11

Nature Sightings

What do we see when we're on the trail?

During SHERP class, students are given an opportunity to share with others a story or description of an animal or plant experience. The sighting could be here at school, at home, at a local park, on vacation, or anywhere--- as nature is all around us.

Senali, 5th grade, describes a sighting on the SHERP trail in early February of 2015.

"First thing I heard was someone saying, “Look, look”. I looked up. And there it was a Hawk soaring through the sky, like it had not even noticed us watching its every move. For me, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It was so still that when I saw it I knew it was a hawk. As I watched it landed on a tree. It stayed for a little and then took off. We tried to follow but lost it. I think it was hunting. It was awesome. Hope I can see something like that again."