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3. I find it amazing how medical scenes look so real on tv. How long does it usually take to prepare for this type of scene? Depending upon the complexity of the scene such as the set design and make up, shooting can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. 4. Not only are you a business woman but you’re a wife and mother. How do you juggle between family and work? Time management and boundary setting is key. My family is priority and I honestly would not be able to do half the things that I do if it wasn’t for my amazing husband. He makes sure everything at home continues to run smoothly when I’m out working and traveling. 5. It’s amazing how we can take our passions and create income! Do you have any advice for someone who is trying to find their niche? Find something that you truly enjoy doing, no matter how big or small you may think it is. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. No matter how far out in left field your idea may be, go for it.   6. Remaining goals for 2019? Continue to expand Erin Hawkins Consulting as the premiere agency for TV/Film productions and continue to expand my knowledge base and experience as a producer. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to be a producer on a feature film, I really enjoy the process and have so much respect for those who are in the field. I enjoy taking concepts and bringing them to life through the art of producing.