She Is... She Is...May | Page 16

1. Healthcare is an industry that we will always need. How did you get started? I didn’t see myself in healthcare initially. I grew up in the arts and performed as a singer, model, and actress so I definitely wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry in front or behind the camera. However, I was urged to take a different path because of the instability that often times comes along with pursuing a career in entertainment. In high school, I became interested in shows on the Discovery Health channel. One particular show called “Birthday” showed labor and delivery scenes and the interaction between nurses and women during that special moment. It wasn’t until I experienced the birth of my two goddaughters, that I decided to pursue nursing as a career which of course afforded me a lot more stability and made my parents feel at ease. 2. With this type of start, when did you realize you wanted to become an entrepreneur? I’ve always been commended for my leadership roles, whether in school or the various areas of nursing that I’ve worked. I realized that I wanted to start Erin Hawkins Consulting when I started to see inconsistencies in medical scenes on screen compared with what actually happens in a real-life medical setting. Because of Erin Hawkins Consulting, I am able to bridge my two interests — entertainment and healthcare — which ultimately brought me back to my initial career path and dream of being in the industry.