She Is... September | Page 17

4. What are some signs that we need to pay attention to for those of us that may be experiencing some complications from our heart? Before I had heart surgery, I was experiencing heavy breathing and restless nights. I wasn’t sleeping very well. Other signs maybe pain or discomfort in their chest and feeling lightheaded, etc. If this is happening, then I suggest the person seeks medical attention depending on its severity. My hope is that people see the doctor as an option and not an obligation. Doctors genuinely want to assist and change lives. 5. How do you balance home life, modeling, and advocating? I am able to balance all of these things by prioritizing my time. I learned how to say no to different opportunities and give my attention to the things I can handle at that moment. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, I make sure I prioritize my time and get help when it’s needed. 6. What’s next for you? I would like to continue to model and advocate on a different level, such as becoming a Spokes Model or Brand Ambassador for a company product or brand-that I feel confident to represent. 7. Remaining goals of 2019? I would like to continue to share my story of new life and find more opportunities to assist and motivate others. Cheri Glover IG: @cheri_glover Follow Management: 11Thirty Entertainment, LLC. her! Photographer: Tren’l Brunson Imagery Hair: Blessed Unique Styles MUA: Ruth Monereau Designer: V. Hanley Designs