Shantih Journal 2.1 | Page 3

SPRING 2017/ISSUE 2,1 08 10 Jerry, Hung Up on the Rocks Near Wheeler Allen Forrest Joseph Johnston p.06 Ballard Ray’s The Chronology Of Yes Heather Sweeney 12 p.41 Juke Boy Bonner p.43 Manhattan Beach p.47 Seattle Olympic Hotel Entrance p.51 Big Bill Boonzy Three Poems darren c. demaree 16 INDEX This Is How Good You Are Matthew Saindon p.11 Place 3 p.14 Place 5 p.17 Place 4 Michael Daley 18 These Words Glen Gonzalez 20 Holodeck Sharif Shakhshir 44 Imagining An Island To The South Marianne Szlyk 45 Pale Here Caleb Jones 46 Waiting In The Garden Steve klepe2tar 48 After The Flu stacy rollins 49 Dopamine Agonist / Inclusio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius nick romeo … 3