Shantih Journal 2.1 | Page 2

About Shantih Welcome to issue 2.1 of Shantih Journal. We are excited to debut what we’ve been working so very hard on behind the scenes: our new format. Shantih’s new look is designed to more boldly showcase the work of our writers and artists. Much thanks and all credit to our Design Editor, Freddy Eschrich whose expertise made this giant step forward possible. Of note in Issue 2.1, the words of Peter LaBerge from his new chapbook, Makeshift Cathedral. Peter, the Editor in Chief of Adroit Journal, is generous and dynamic presence in the writing community and a rising star in American poetry. We are thrilled to give him the stage and help to share his thoughts and his work further. Our featured artist for this issue is Allen Forrest. Allen’s landscape and cityscape paintings depict environments of calm and curious stillness. Each scene is strangely unoccupied, as if abandoned, or simply lying in wait. A unique quality which lends itself to the poetry that surrounds it. By contrast, his jazz & blues portraits are strong, vibrant, and human. Memorials and milemarkers, tracing a history between each silent scene. Allen’s work is expressive, tactile, and insightful. Allen is joined by Matthew Saindon, whose photographic manipulations echo the pensive quietude explored throughout the issue. The images evoke a fading memory and the melancholy of forgetting. We are also thrilled to be joined by our cadre of amazing writers. We thank them for entrusting us with their work. And about that work—we have said our mission statement is to explore aspects and boundaries of peace. Since our last edition, the climate has shifted rather dramatically, and the works in this issue reflect those further edges, the less certain faces of what peace means. Sometimes an idea is defined by its negative space, and so it can be with peace. Shantih is exploring this shuddering, uncertain time to see what means at extremis. This issue, our largest to date, searches for peace in unexpected places. We thank you for taking that journey with us.