Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue # 7: 2nd Quarter, 2018 - Page 13

Consider that the organization you work for also has a Soul For those with too much Yang, yep—this is true! Even by legal definitions, a Corporation is considered a living entity and that it will someday, die. Therefore, thank and bless your place of work. The moment you cross the threshold, touch the door frame, smile and acknowledge the place. Treat your desk as Sacred Space. Approach it with an attitude of “Hello my Friend!” rather than, “Oh shit...another day closer to death....” Attitude and Intention! Keep them Pure and you're on the path! BE Yourself A very interesting thing that happens at the work place is that we are often lead to believe that “I must be a certain way so everyone will like me.” Sounds like grade school...and high school...and family get togethers, doesn't it? Well, when you are a Spiritual Warrior, when you are true to your Spiritually, none of that matters. What matters most is that you are 100% Truly and Fully Honest with EVERYONE of who your are. No Masks. No Bullshit. No Deception. BE Respectful to yourself as you are to others Instead, you are True to You, True to the World and therefore, True to Spirit. BE who you are and make each day count. BE the BEST You that you can. Do this, and you will emerge as someone very special (In a Good Way) anywhere that you are. 13