SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 22, March 2017 | Page 115

A colorful mandarinfish is a feast for the eyes. © Fish 'n Fins

Palau: Snorkeling the Rock Islands

Explore the reefs amid the breathtaking Rock Islands and enjoy a visit to the famous Jellyfish Lake on this land-based snorkeling expedition to Palau—one of our most popular destinations.

Lying at the southwest corner of the Western Caroline Islands, only nine of Palau's 343 islands are inhabited. Its giant coral lagoon, within one encircling barrier reef, consists of the exposed peaks of an undersea mountain ridge that stretches between Japan and New Guinea. Harboring more species of marine life than any similar-sized area in the world, Palau is one of the best snorkeling sites on the planet.

The abundance and diversity of Palau's marine life, its shallow water accessibility and excellent visibility reveal a dazzling array of rainbow-colored fish, sponges, and breathtaking corals. The scenery above water is equally spectacular. The famous Rock Islands are a maze of unsurpassed beauty—tropical gardens atop limestone ridges set in glass-clear waters.

Trip Dates & Cost: 2017: February 10-18 | November 4-12. $3,300 per person.

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