SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 22, March 2017 | Page 114

A diver observes a passing shark in Palau. © Fish n Fins

Palau: Shark and Coral Reef Monitoring

Help study shark abundance and monitor coral reef health while diving or snorkeling in beautiful Palau.

Coral reefs are the most diverse and productive ecosystems in the oceans, and yet they are also among the most threatened. Shark populations are also in decline globally, and scientists have begun to explore the connections between shark abundance and coral reef health. Recent findings suggest that the healthiest reefs are those with the most sharks, but more work is needed to understand the linkages between shark abundance and reef health.

As a citizen scientist on this scuba diving or snorkeling program you will learn to identify and survey sharks, corals, and reef fish in order to compare reef health in areas of varying shark abundance. Your work will be a part of ongoing efforts to document shark populations in Palau.

This is a wonderful way to explore Palau while contributing to marine conservation!

Trip Dates & Cost 2017: May 16–24 | June 21–29. From $2,990 per person.

Trip Dates & Cost: 2017: February 10-18 | November 4-12. $3,300 per person.

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