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These programmes enable the release of a range of partial housing subsidies and programmes .
The selection of beneficiaries for all City housing projects is done in accordance with the City ’ s Allocation Policy and the City ’ s Housing Needs Register to ensure that housing opportunities are allocated to qualifying beneficiaries in a fair and equitable manner . Applicants for social housing opportunities are also required to be on the Register .
• It is managed by accredited Social Housing Institutions ( SHIs ).
• SHIs are solely dependent on rental income . They receive no operational grants . They can service their debt finance through rental income .
• As with any rental contract , tenants formally enter into lease agreements . The landlord is the SHI .
• If tenants do not adhere to their lease agreements , the responsible SHI will follow the necessary legal process . Tenants must therefore pay to stay as the rental money is used for the day-to-day operation and upkeep of the complex .
• The City has nothing to do with the day-to-day management of SHIs , the rental amount or evictions for not paying .
• Before potential beneficiaries can apply for social housing , they are required to register on the City ' s Housing Needs Register .
• Projects are developed on well-located , accessible land in and near urban centres .
• It is not low-income subsidised government housing , such as Breaking New Ground ( or the commonly called RDP housing and it is not City Council Rental Units ).
• It is managed with 24-hour security and access control .
• The City may sell City-owned land at a discounted price for social housing developments to make projects economically viable .
• Social housing offers improved access to social facilities and other amenities .
• A single grant subsidy can benefit on average five households versus one household for Council rental units .
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• Social housing adds value to vacant pieces of land .
• Social housing has the potential to improve property prices in an area .
SA Affordable Housing chatted with architects , Francois Nortje and Jaco Voges from AVNA Architects for some more background and additions as construction is now complete .
In total the project has 944 units consisting of 253 Gap Housing rental units , 416 Social Housing units and 275 open market units . The project is the product of collaboration between a private company Devmark , a social housing institute Urban Status Rentals , The City of Cape Town , Provincial and National government .
The development has a significant impact beyond its boundaries through the provision of link services such as sewer and stormwater which are to be extended to a community west of the site .
The site was previously largely underdeveloped and overgrown and had been used as an illegal dumping ground and for criminal activities .
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Devmark Property Group
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