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“We are neither the pioneer nor innovator of this niche market; there are already similar successful companies in China we can learn from – same goes with Malaysia. Having said that, the success and market acceptance are pretty assured, so all we need to do is just create a good product to gain the market share,” says Ping. Within just 3 weeks of its beta pre-launch up till the day of this interview, Roomz has acquired more than 300 room listings. The website’s special features include more complete and thorough facts about the room, including number of rooms in the unit, room size, HD pictures, outside view of the property, as well as information on amenities and nearby facilities. Roomz works great across many platforms, including PCs, laptops and smart phones. Roomz team will contact the landlords after they have listed the room on the platform to further ask questions a potential tenant may be interested, as well as to encourage the landlord to upload more pictures about the property. “We hope to have complete and thorough facts about the room to save time for both, so that tenant won’t ask the same questions every time and can shortlist their viewing list into a maximum of five. Calling landlords can also help to filter some listing by agents too, therefore ensuring that all listings are genuine”, explained Trey. NEXT PLAN The October launch marks the beginning of the Phase 1 plan for Roomz, an easy to navigate and minimalist website design aims to make room hunting experience as seamless and comfortable as possible. Ping and the team are now working on Phase 2. “We’re targeting 5,000 listings by the end of 2016. There will be more features coming on Phase 2. We are working closely with various banks and legal firm to come out with something in Q1 2017. You will know what that something is very soon”, smiles Ping. Roomz is also aiming to expand the business beyond Malaysia in Q3 next year, and is open for investor funding.