Roomz.Asia for Improvement: The 3 Musketeers Who Set Out to Revive Roomz Press Release

Roomz.Asia for Improvement: The Three Musketeers Who Set Out to Revive the Property Market “Believe it or not, more than half of the decision of starting Roomz was made up during my 2- week vacation in Malaysia. I absolutely loved this beautiful country - lovely cities, friendly people, and food that are simply amazing. By doing this startup in Malaysia, I’ll have a good chance of living here for the next couple of years, or maybe even longer.” - Roomz CEO, Ping He. Founded by the trio - two Malaysians and an American Chinese - in 2016 July, the self-funded Shanghai-based new startup Roomz is launching their website in October after 3 months of development in Shanghai. “We set up the tech team here because Trey and I are based in Shanghai. We’re more resourceful in finding talents and securing future funds than running the website itself. We are fortunate to have our third co-founder, KH Liau, who will run the essential day-to-day operations. However, I believe that from next year onwards, we will be spending more time in Malaysia than Shanghai.” “He is deeply in love with Malaysia food now”, says Trey Chong, who invited Ping to his home country with the idea of creating a new room rental marketplace and was hoping Ping can join the business. WHY A ROOM RENTAL PLATFORM? “KH is very familiar with the rental market in Malaysia. As a serious real estate investor, he manages dozens of rental properties with more than 40 tenants. He is able to achieve 30% more in return by renting his properties out by individual rooms instead of entire units. However, this also made managing and advertising for the rooms far more labourious, and he wished there is a website or APP he could use to help with this,” continues Trey. “As we talked more and more about KH’s rental business, the websites that he frequently visits and the list of tools and features that he wished he has to make his life easier – being a product guy who has built similar online marketplace before, I feel that I could make a new and better product than what are currently being offered. Soon, the question goes from IF to HOW – “How could we build a better product that could be turned into a real business that would go about solving the issues faced by many landlords and tenants?” says Ping. He is also the founder of a very famous logo design marketplace NEW ROOM RENTAL MARKETPLACE The two have been in China for more than 8 years and have witnessed the drastic transformation resulting from the big wave of internet business that swept across the country within that period. China companies used to copy business and marketing ideas from the West a decade ago, but things have changed now.