Roof & Walls March/April 2014 - Page 3

ROOF&WALLS Known for responding to emails within seconds, John Graff is giving 21st century real estate consumers exactly what they demand. John says about 90% of his business is referral based, which means his success in the industry is tied to his client’s success. Not to mention happiness. And that is where John Graff shines above all others. He nimbly meets every client’s unique needs while never compromising on his tenants of honesty, loyalty and hard work. The results speak for themselves. A past client of Graff ’s has described working with him as, “by far the best real estate experience that we have had.” The Real Estate Expert John Graff knows what his clients want: Honesty, Loyalty and Hard Work “I Others also heaped praise when asked about John Graff and his real estate services.“I am so glad I found John to be my agent. He returns calls freakishly fast and he replied to emails at ungodly hours.”, gushed Martha H. “It seems like John is working 24/7.” And Howard E. said, “We are very pleased with how he has responded thus far. John is smart and dedicated.” For putting an emphasis on integrity and top-notch customer service, John Graff soundly wins right to the title 2014 Real Estate Pro of the Year. Call or email John today and mention this article to receive $1000 cash back on your next qualifying home purchase or sale. 213-519-5758 t isn’t quite rocket science,” says Graff, “people want to know they can trust you and that you have their best interests at heart.” But that isn’t necessarily easy when you work in an industry that consistently polls more unfavorably than Congress. Luckily for John he comes from a background in politics, so he knows just how difficult it is to woo people over to the other side. With a strong work ethic, fast response times and the industry knowledge to get deals done, Graff has tapped into a highly knowledgable niche market of savvy consumers who demand top-of-the-line service and a real estate pro they can trust for life. Ethics Above All Else John Graff puts ethics above all else and so does his parent company which was named to Ethiosphere’s Most Ethical Company list internationally, 2-years in a row. Email John Prefer email over phone? So does John! Send him an email and see how quickly he responds. If it takes more than 30 minutes, your pizza is free… oh wait, wrong company! Visit John Online It’s the 21st Century, so if your real estate agent doesn’t have a website or their website looks like it’s from 1995, it probably means they aren’t marketing your home in a 21st Century way either. Down Periscope! Before real estate, John served in the United States Navy and trained as a submarine sonar technician. Beat The Competition John receives notice of properties for sale or lease 48 hours before websites like Zillow, Trulia and Redfin. So you score while the competition snores! Over a Decade of Experience With extensive experience in negotiating, marketing and complex real estate dealings, John brings a unique skill-set to an industry that is often too set in its ways and too lazy to get better. Pa g e 3 Call John 213-519-5758 John takes calls when not working with another client, and he always returns calls within one hour. Call John to discuss buying, selling or leasing property.