Risk & Business Magazine Moody Insurance Spring 2017 - Page 8

The Advantage Of An In-House Surety Expertise W ith so many types of surety bonds available for individuals and businesses, our clients and prospective clients can rely on our in-house surety expertise. Our uniquely qualified surety experts act as liaisons between our customers and the surety. Our team of surety experts serves as your advocate and as a conduit between the contractor and the surety on all matters. We assist in all areas of underwriting and financial matters and make certain that the important lines of communication are kept open between all interested parties. Without question, our team is qualified to speak the language of the surety underwriter and effectively communicate the needs of our clients, which results in a distinct advantage during the underwriting process. We consider our role as the client advocate a serious responsibility and will continually offer our expertise in the following areas: • Construction and non-construction bond requirements • Customized bonding programs to meet specific needs • Review plans and specifications with specific attention to surety requirements • Review of performance and payment bonds for general contractors and subcontractors • Contract and subcontract review and advice • Assist in finding and bonding qualified subcontractors The importance of in-house surety expertise should not be understated. Our ability to advocate for our clients on surety requirement matters puts our clients and prospective clients at a distinct advantage. We are proud to belong to the small group of brokers who represent the majority of national sureties, regional sureties, environmental sureties, and high-risk markets. + Born and raised in the construction industry, David draws on both his knowledge of the construction process as well as his previous experience as a surety bond underwriter to provide Moody clients with expert surety guidance and support. 8 BY: DAVID DONDLINGER MOODY INSURANCE