Risk & Business Magazine JGS Insurance Winter 2019 - Page 20

CEO COMMUNICATION H aving interviewed over 6,000 candidates for jobs reporting to CEOs, and having coached the candidates who were hired, I kinda know what ticks CEOs off day in and day out – and one thing is how people communicate with them. This article spells out three of the most irritating ways people communicate with CEOs and, frankly, with all high-level managers. To make this article less wordy I’ll refer to communicating with CEOs, but the points pertain to everyone who communicates with any high powered executive. COMMUNICATIONS IRRITANT #1: “IT DEPENDS.” It drives CEOs nuts when they ask a question and the response is “it depends.” Of course it depends. Anyone can say “it depends” as a response to just about any question — what’s the weather going to be like, who do you think will win the ball game, what do you want to be doing in five years, will the strategy work? “It depends” is usually a stalling technique for people who either don’t know the answer or don’t want to tell the truth for fear the CEO will criticize them. How To Communicate With CEOs And Other Top Executives BY DR. BRAD SMART CEO, TOPGRADING, INC. 20