Risk & Business Magazine JGS Insurance Winter 2019 - Page 18

NEXT LEVEL IN YOUR LIFE Even if you don’t have AD/HD, we all need to closely monitor our activity. When your electronics are constantly distracting you, it’s important to be mindful of where you’re spending your energy and attention. 3. LIMIT SOCIAL MEDIA TIME As an influencer, social media plays a big role in what I do, but it can be a major time suck. Hiring a social media team has helped, but even just putting my phone far away from me when it’s time to work has made such a difference. When I feel really pulled in, I remove the apps from my phone and stop scrolling mindlessly. It’s amazing what I get done in that time. In your own life, try to set tech limits. Condense all of your social media or internet surfing time into one block and download an app like “Moment” on your phone to become more aware of your media consumption habits. 4. CHECK YOUR LIFESTYLE HABITS Science keeps proving how important exercise and diet are to focus and emotional health and I need both of those if I’m going to step it up. As often as possible I get major walking steps in or hit my favorite spin class, limit alcohol to weekends, drink gut-boosting kombucha and plenty of water, and eat clean with a whole lot of vegetables. 18