Risk & Business Magazine Hardenbergh Magazine Fall 2019 - Page 15

CUSTOMER SERVICE 6 Attitudes That Lead to Outstanding Customer Service E xcellent customer service is the key to success in any business. Excellent service is a direct result of projecting a good attitude toward customers. Every management team understands the value of customer care service with regard to increasing revenue. Producing an enjoyable and satisfying experience for customers can be the difference between success and failure. While this service is quite easy to spot, it is difficult to achieve, even for professionals. CUSTOMER SERVICE AS A BASIC MARKETING STRATEGY A unique marketing strategy and enthusiastic customer care service are major keys to the success of any business. For a convenient and flawless customer retention strategy, what you need is a robust network of customer care. Let’s look briefly at the six major attitudes and how these attitudes affect the perception of customer service: 1. A FRIENDLY ATTITUDE Every customer care representative needs to be friendly toward their clients. A friendly attitude helps them understand the customer’s issue, and it helps give the customer a satisfying solution. 2. AN ATTITUDE OF ENTHUSIASM Serving customers with enthusiasm adds value to the overall experience of the customer. Without enthusiasm, customer service becomes nothing more than a duty being performed. Being enthusiastic makes others take notice, and it helps customer care representatives deliver better service to customers. 3. A CARING ATTITUDE 4. AN ATTITUDE OF RESPECT Giving respect to customers will show the willingness of the customer service team members to serve them. It not only validates the customers but also gives them the peace of mind that they are in safe hands. 5. ATTITUDE OF ENCOURAGEMENT Encouragement can create a positive environment for both the company and the customers. Positive words can lift people up and help them become the best that they can be. 6. AN ATTITUDE OF THANKFULNESS Customers who feel appreciated will not only rate their experience higher but will also look for more reasons to connect with the company. + Loyalty toward a company occurs only when customers sense that the company genuinely cares about them. 15