Risk & Business Magazine Gillons Insurance Summer 2019 Magazine - Page 7

MORE THAN INSURANCE Thinking outside the box means throwing the big box solutions away and tailoring products specifically to the people who need them. BY: MYRON ROMANIUK PRESIDENT & CEO GILLONS INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. As an insurance brokerage in Northwestern Ontario, we at Gillons believe in the advisory role of our licensed staff to help our clients manage their risks. When it comes to insurance, everything ties together and as advisors, we identify our clients’ risks and help them understand what they may not be aware of. That is done by focusing on all exposures pertinent to a client (business, personal and life) and together with their goals, creating a personalized protection plan. Often risks can come in forms that clients don’t think about. That is why we offer a holistic approach rather than replicating what has been in place for a given client or picking an “off the shelf ” insurance package for all clients. With each client, we conduct a five to 10 minute evaluation and generate their comprehensive protection plan profile. That simple evaluation discussion often results in thousands of dollars in savings for our clients and helps us identify gaps to ensure their insurance policy fits their specific needs and risk exposures. During the risk assessment process, we focus on four key areas: • • • • Assets and Operations Health and Well Being Risk Management and Mitigation Personal Risk Each area brings with it unique challenges that must be met, but by handling all of them at once, our clients are able to get a personalized portfolio of their exposures, key coverages and risk management suggestions all resulting in a comprehensive plan that protects their business and personal needs. This not only avoids having to deal with multiple vendors, but brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly who to reach out to when you have a problem, especially in todays “busy” society. Although that discussion is often with one person, the reality is that for every person a client speaks with, there is a specialized team supporting them. That team effort is what Gillons does best and is what allows us to shift the message from “what insurance you need” to “what risks are you facing”. Focusing on your risks and goals allows us to give you more control over the results. It also helps you understand how better to manage your risks and know how to utilize the insurance you have. The objective is not to sell you a product but to help you properly manage your risks using the best options we have available. By doing that, you can appreciate the value you are getting from your insurance package and know what proactive steps you can take to mitigate risks ahead of time. This ultimately lowers insurance costs and helps you become an ideal client in the insurance market. The real benefit is the peace of mind. Not only do you know who to contact with an issue, you know that a professional actually took the time to analyze your specific situation and ensured you were covered for the risks you face. This certainly is a better option than an "off the shelf" solution or being just a number in the artificial intelligence world. So what is the main message here? For a company to truly operate outside the box, their actions must match their words. That is precisely what Gillons does; we offer more to our clients than simply insurance. Thinking outside the box means throwing the big box solutions away and tailoring products specifically to the people who need them. To be truly innovative, we need to create a valuable offering for our customers, not just insurance. At Gillons, we grow when our customers grow. When we grow as businesses in the North, the North grows. We want to grow with you and be part of your professional team. We want our customers to put their trust in us, whatever obstacles or exposures come their way. So ask yourself, in your insurance buying experience with your current brokerage, are you getting more than just insurance? If you are looking to explore new options and get a more personalized touch to your risk management, give us a call at 800-465- 7797 and we can help provide you with more than just insurance. + 7