Risk & Business Magazine Gillons Insurance Summer 2019 Magazine - Page 6

MORE THAN INSURANCE More Than Insurance, GRAVITATING OUTSIDE THE INSURANCE BOX I nsurance comes in many forms and packages. When you buy insurance you aren’t “just” buying insurance. Think back to when your grandfather purchased his first insurance policy. He likely got in his pickup, drove downtown, walked into his insurance brokerage office, met with his broker face to face and purchased an insurance policy. He wasn’t just purchasing a commoditized insurance 6 policy, he was taking the opportunity to meet with a specialized broker to advise him how to reduce his risk, get advice and ensure he was taking the appropriate steps to protect the things he had worked so hard for and were important to him if something tragic were to happen. As our world becomes more artificially intelligent and with increased online insurance offerings, the behavioral buying pattern of consumers is actually reverting back to your grandfather’s insurance buying experience. In today’s world, we don’t want to “just” buy insurance. Instead, we are buying the experience of a qualified advisor of risk management. We trust this individual to advise us on how we can prevent a loss from happening to the things that matter most to us, just like our grandfathers did.