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6 feature WELCOME MYRON ROMANIUK MORE THAN INSURANCE, GRAVITATING OUTSIDE THE INSURANCE BOX CONTENTS 5 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO 9 YOU'VE GOT 18 SUMMERS Jim Sheils 10 GRIT WILL TAKE YOU FARTHER THAN TALENT Angela Duckworth 12 HOW SPONSORED CONTENT COULD KILL THE MEDIA Joe Pulizzi 14 7 CORE BELIEFS OF GREAT BOSSES Travis Bradberry 16 THE SCIENCE OF WHY Simon Sinek 20 THIS ONE HABIT HOLDS TOP LEADERS BACK Judith E. Glaser 22 WHY IS IT SO HARD TO LIVE UP TO OUR VALUES? Shawn Hunter 24 TOP 7 SOFT SKILLS John DiJulius The last couple of years have been filled with several catastrophes in North America, and Canada has seen its fair share. This is tough on all of us as consumers when it comes to renewing insurance policies. Many of you are seeing increases in pricing that you may not have seen before. Some of you might even receive a note saying the insurance company cannot provide you with an insurance renewal…at any price. So why is this happening? As noted, catastrophic events are partly to blame. When insurance companies have to deal with catastrophic events, they often pay out more for the various claims than they bring in from insurance premiums. That in itself is a problem. For the most part, insurance companies are required to be profitable to stay in business. When claims patterns are normal, insurance companies don’t have the financial pressures they have when claims patterns are not normal. They often can get creative in staying profitable by earning more in investments to offset their insurance losses. Normal patterns typically equate to fairly constant insurance premiums and a much easier road for consumers in general. Unfortunately, we are not in a normal pattern in 2019. As the market remains “not normal” and continues to “harden,” we are left with the increases and non-renewals. Gillons Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a large brokerage firm and we represent many insurance markets. If you are an existing customer, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about the market trends and to provide you with advice on what is your best option as we navigate together through this “not normal” or “hard market.” The good news is all patterns in our industry are cyclical, so eventually things will settle down and be normal again. 25 WAWANESA'S AGRICULTURAL SELECT: FARM COVERAGE DESIGNED WITH BUSINESS IN MIND 27 STOP PAYING HEALTH AND DENTAL OUT OF POCKET Chad Canfield 30 #GILLONS COMMUNITY Myron Romaniuk, President & CEO Gillons Insurance Brokers Ltd. WWW.GILLONS.CA 5