Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Services Spring 2020 - Page 14

THE BETTER LIFE CHALLENGE THE BETTER LIFE CHALLENGE T he Better Life Challenge, a thirty-day challenge where each day you watch a short video and implement one new habit that can transform your life, is a passion and drive for me because I know people need to make changes in their lives. I know people need successful habits and rituals that allow them to reach that next level of life, to maximize their full potential. 14 I think one of the biggest plights of our society is that people are walking around knowing they could do more, knowing they have more potential, but are staying with the status quo because that’s all they think they can achieve. I think when people can tap into being their best selves, to using all the gas in their tank, it doesn’t matter where their wealth goes, it doesn’t matter what heights they hit. What matters is they know they’re using all they have. That is when people start companies or take their companies to new levels. They take their intimate and family relationships, they take their passions, their health, their abundance, and their joy to a whole other level because they have so much more to give. I’m always looking for ways to ethically bribe people to shift their habits, to try new success rituals that can make an impact on their lives.