Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Services Magazine Spring 2018 - Page 23

RELATIONSHIPS SHAWN HUNTER FOUNDER & PRESIDENT OF MINDSCALING of leadership, flexibility, creativity, communication, and professionalism in the workplace. That’s right. The strongest traits needed in the future to build innovation, and growing economies, are not technical skills, but human to human skills. Relationships drive progress in the world, not tech skills. This is also good news for those of us who aspire to happiness and lifelong fulfillment. Harvard recently completed a study of over 75 years following the lives of 268 individuals from 1938 until now. Through wars, marriages, career triumphs, personal tragedies, parenting, habits, and daily behaviors, the Grant Foundation followed these people as they lived (and sometimes died) for 80 years. What they discovered is pretty simple. They learned that the characteristics of a long, healthy, and joyful life are strong relationships with other people, and resiliency through hardship. Religion, political opinions or sexual orientation made no difference. A happy childhood is helpful but not necessary. They learned that learning is a lifelong pursuit and not restricted to childhood and adolescence. They learned that the habits you establish before 50 become predictive of mental and physical stability decades later, and the inevitability of a mid-life crisis is a myth popularized in the 70s. According to the study, the strongest behavioral contributors of a joyful and successful life are the ability to create quality relationships with those around us, being altruistic with others, not taking oneself too seriously, finding joy in alternatives, and persevering through adversity. Work on the strength of your relationships. It could be the most important thing you do, both for yourself and your community. + Shawn Hunter Founder & President of MindScaling Entrepreneur, author, idea developer. Shawn has collaborated with hundreds of business authors, executives, and researchers to create learning solutions. Shawn’s first company, Targeted Learning, was acquired by Skillsoft in February 2007. He is the author of Out•Think and Small Acts of Leadership. Mindscaling.com