Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Service Spring 2021 - Page 18




Whatever your goals are for next year , there are seven essential steps to streamlining your business that you can take right now . While everyone else is still stuck on the election results and all the news ( good or bad ) about Covid-19 , I ’ m already thinking about 2021 . I ’ m using what ’ s left of this year to plan for next year and I suggest you do the same . I ’ m happy to see that there are so many people out there taking my advice . I ’ m talking about the thousands of people who signed up for the 2021 Kickstart strategy workshop hosted by Jarrod Glandt , who in case you didn ’ t know , is the president of Cardone Enterprises . Jarrod covered a lot of ground in two hours including the necessity for streamlining your business cycle , because as he pointed out , “ speed is the new big ” for 2021 . If you ’ re going to get ahead next year , streamlining your entire business cycle is KEY . Here are the seven steps to doing it .

1 . S2M .: SPEED TO MARKET Generating awareness of your products in the marketplace is more important than anything , even creating your product or service . That ’ s right . Create the desire , the excitement and the buzz first . Then when you ’ re ready to deliver your customers will be not only ready to buy , they ’ ll be in a hurry to buy . I announced The 10X Rule , one of the many books I ’ ve written , before I typed a single word . That book became a best-seller . Moral of the story ? Announce now and deliver later .
2 . M . O .: MULTIPLE OFFERS Customers have always shopped around before buying . Now technology makes it even easier for them to do it without even going anywhere . If you want to be the customer ’ s first , last and only stop , you need to have an inventory and price structure which allows you to make multiple offers . This includes a free offer at the beginning of the sales cycle . How successful do you think car dealerships would be if they offered just one car at one price ? Think of it this way . Would you rather pass up a sale because you couldn ’ t fulfill the customer ’ s needs or wouldn ’ t budge on price … or would you prefer to make a little profit this time around and gain a loyal customer who you can upsell in the long-term ?
3 . B . O .: BE OMNIPRESENT No , this is not the kind of B-O you ’ re thinking about . B-O stands for BE OMNIPRESENT . My main objective above almost anything else is to be everywhere . If people don ’ t know me they can ’ t follow me