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PUBLISHER MANAGING EDITOR GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTENT COORDINATOR Carle Publishing Inc. Erika MacLeod Morgan Sinstadt Stacey Cowperthwaite CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Dave Krepen Vanessa Van Edwards Grant Cardone Gary Keller Jay Papason Dale Partridge Susan Cain Dr. Brad Smart Jeff Cooke Danny Corriveau Jeff Cooke DAVID COOKE The road leading to my current role as a commercial broker here at Cooke Insurance has not been a straight one, but it has been an interesting one. I had an early interest in marine biology which led me to work in aquaculture and even with sharks. After taking some time to travel, however, I ultimately decided to leave the field (kind of; see below). In 2010, I started at Cooke Insurance working in the mail room. I then moved to personal lines broker in 2013, and then recently switching to commercial insurance in November 2017. My areas of focus are Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction and, of course, Aquaculture. When it comes to insurance, the industry has always been a reactive one, responding to situations only after they occur. I believe in taking action to create the situations, giving individuals the ability to control them long before they happen. But there are some things insurance cannot cover. In those cases, I strive to help businesses prepare for those events in ways other than insurance. ADVERTISING (Local) PHOTOGRAPHY All images sourced from Carle Publishing Inc. or iStockphotos.ca unless otherwise identified. 125 Pownal Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 3W4 Ph: 902-566-5666 • Fax: 855-566-4662 480 Parkland Drive, Unit 6A, Halifax, NS B3S 1P9 My job as a broker is more than simply making sure your business can survive a disruption. It is also to help you create and improve upon business processes that will help further your success. Because if you haven’t succeeded, than neither have I. My job as a broker is much more than simply making sure your business can survive a disruption; it is also my job to help create and improve upon the processes that will help facilitate success within businesses, as if you haven’t succeeded, than neither have I. BRODIE MCGREGOR I am a commercial insurance broker for Cooke Insurance. I have been in the insurance industry since November 2015, starting out as a personal lines broker before transitioning into commercial insurance in 2016. I graduated from Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri, with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a minor in marketing. I pursued my love of golf while in college by competing on the varsity golf team. I was also an active member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, where I was treasurer. When it comes to commercial insurance, I believe that businesses are often the victim of their own insurance without knowing it. Our office at Cooke Insurance helps businesses avoid that trap by taking a proactive approach to their insurance needs. I grew up in Stratford, PEI, and am currently living in Charlottetown. www.cooke.ca Cooke Insurance Risk & Business Magazine TM is published by Carle Publishing Inc. All content, copyright © 2018, Carle Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Risk & Business Magazine TM is a valued and recognized trademark of Carle Publishing Inc. This publication may not be reproduced, all or in part, without written consent from the publisher. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all content in this publication, however, the publisher nor Cooke Insurance Group will be held responsible for omissions or errors. Articles, reports and information contained herein reflect the views of the individuals who wrote or prepared them and do not necessarily represent the position of the publisher or Cooke Insurance Group. The material herein is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing herein is to be considered the rendering of insurance advice for specific cases or circumstances. Communication of any legal information contained herein does not constitute an attorney-client relationship, nor convey legal advice or recommendation of any kind. Do not rely on information contained herein to replace consultation with qualified  brokers, attorneys or other professionals in your jurisdiction.” Please address all editorial and advertising inquiries to Carle Publishing Inc., Email: [email protected]. Carle Publishing Inc. is not held responsible for the loss, damage or any other injury to unsolicited material (including but not limited to manuscripts, artwork, photographs and advertisements). Unsolicited material must be included with a self-addressed, overnight-delivery return envelope, postage prepaid. Carle Publishing Inc. and Cooke Insurance Group will not give nor rent your name, mailing address, or other contact information to third parties. Subscriptions are complimentary for qualified individuals. CARLE PUBLISHING Toll Free: (877) 719-8919, Fax: (866) 609-5674 [email protected] car