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CONTENTS 2 FOUR BENEFITS OF A MULTI- CARRIER HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM 14 ONE DAY A WEEK This Entrepreneur More Than Doubled His Revenue 5 GETTING OUT OF THE WAY: Are You The Roadblock In Your Business? 16 ABOUT TED*: A Tale Of Empowerment 6 WHAT IS ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT AND HOW WILL IT BENEFIT ME? 24 TOPGRADING SNAPSHOT How I Avoided A Costly Mis-Hire In One Minute 9 PROSPECTS FOR PENNIES Find Gold In Abandoned Advertising 25 RUDY GARCIA: MAN ON A MISSION Reinventing The Employee Benefits Agency 12 UNMISTAKABLE HABITS OF IRRESISTIBLE PEOPLE cover story 22 SEVEN SIGNS YOU ARE GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL 8 ACA PENALTIES FOR LARGE EMPLOYERS: Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop 10 CUSTOMER SERVICE VS. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Knowing The Difference 25 20 COACHING: It’s An Ongoing Process 28 JIMMY FALLON SHOULDN’T BE THE ONLY ONE WRITING THANK-YOU NOTES! 30 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Measuring Affordability & ROI RUDY GARCIA REINVENTING THE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AGENCY PUBLISHER Carle Publishing Inc. EDITOR Erika MacLeod GRAPHIC DESIGN Jessica Cook CONTENT COORDINATOR Stacey Cowperthwaite CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Brad Smart Christine P. Roberts David Emerald Eric Silverman Jack Daly John DiJulius Ken Sergi Kevin TImone Mark Darren Gregor Mike Michalowicz Patrick Bet-David Rudy Garcia Dr. Travis Bradberry Verne Harnish PHOTOGRAPHY All images sourced from Carle Publishing Inc. or iStock.com unless otherwise identified. Rudy Garcia Photo Credit: Ken Sergi Risk & Business Magazine TM is published by Carle Publishing Inc. All content, copyright © 2017, Carle Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Risk & Business Magazine TM is a valued and recognized trademark of Carle Publishing Inc. This publication may not be reproduced, all or in part, without written consent from the publisher. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all content in this publication, however, the publisher will not be held responsible for omissions or errors. Articles, reports