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BUSINESS ROADBLOCKS Getting Out Of The Way: Are You The Roadblock In Your Business? T he other day, a client shared with me how stressed and frustrated he was. No matter what he did, he just couldn’t get his head above water. This is a common complaint I hear from entrepreneurs when I start working with them. Being an entrepreneur takes a high level of passion, courage, and dedication. But that passion, courage, and dedication can also lead many to unintentionally sabotage their own business. What is interesting about stressed or frustrated entrepreneurs is that many left their previous careers because they no longer wished to be stressed or frustrated. They had an inspiring vision of freedom, balance, and fulfillment. But then, just as quickly, the same disheartening experience they sought to escape reappears. When one really considers the insanity of that reality, you have to stop and question what brought you to the same result. Now, some entrepreneurs will claim they “thrive” off of stress, long workdays, and pressure. And hey, if that’s working for you, great! But if what you desire most is freedom, balance, and fulfillment, it’s going to require a different approach. In work culture, we are programmed to believe that taking on more responsibility is how we become affluent, prosperous, and successful. However, in growing a business, true affluence, prosperity, and success is about releasing responsibility, not acquiring it. My favorite question to ask entrepreneurs is “Why do you want to run your business?” Inevitability, like clockwork, they will respond with their vision for creating their own destiny and some new inspiring product or service. But that was not the question I asked. Having a vision is VERY different than running a business. And most entrepreneurs assume that just because they envisioned the business, it means they must also run it. But if we look to the corporate world, we see the most effective way to build a big business is to let others run it. In other words, get out of your own way. In my experience, most entrepreneurs are innovators and visionaries at heart. They are inspired by creating new possibilities in the world. They are not inspired by dealing with the daily details of running a complex business. But more often than not, most entrepreneurs exhaust 95 percent of their workweek in the weeds of running their business rather than focusing on what they love most, thereby re-creating the same disheartening trap they experienced when employed. And worse, they now have no one to blame but themselves. To clarify, I’m not suggesting there aren’t moments when entrepreneurs need to address things that may not feel completely inspiring to them. However, it’s critical those moments be moments and not become an everyday existence. Only your inner saboteurs would have you believe no one else can run your business as effectively or there’s no way to acquire funding to hire others. Both of these are false, sabotaging beliefs. There are countless experts far more capable than us in running a big business. And there are countless ways to compensate them that may only require a fraction of the funding we may think is needed. Take a moment today to consider if you are truly inspired by the idea of running your business or if you are more inspired by the idea of simply being the visionary for your business. If running your business is not what’s most fulfilling to you, then it’s time to create a new game plan. Focusing on what you love most and letting others focus on what they love most will give your business the freedom and foundation it needs to grow to its true full potential. + BY: MARK DARREN GREGOR EXECUTIVE & LEADERSHIP COACH Mark Darren Gregor is an Executive & Leadership Coach who works with entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. He helps clients reduce stress, maximize performance, and deepen overall professional fulfillment. To learn more, visit: www.GoWithInNow.com. 5