Risk & Business Magazine Cain Insurance Risk & Business Magazine Summer - Page 26

JIM GILBERT’S Sales and Marketing: The Game You’re In HOW MANY SALESPEOPLE ARE IN YOUR COMPANY? E veryone in your company is in sales! Does everyone in your company understand that no one gets paid unless a sale is made? A sale is more than just a money transaction. It is a transfer of feelings. A teacher that improves a student has made a sale. A bus driver that turns an early- morning rider’s frown upside down has made a sale. A receptionist that shows a customer they care about them has made a sale. An insurance agent that has their client properly protected when the 26 unexpected occurs has made a sale. The used-car salesperson that saved his or her customer their hard-earned money has made a sale. The mechanic that properly inspected and serviced that vehicle has made a sale. Everyone in your company, public or private, is part of the sales process and must have a full understanding of The Company Vision. Everyone needs to know they have a part in creating and keeping a customer. That is how they are compensated. Without a sale, there can be no compensation. To say the least, we are all in this together, and “motorvation” and productivity are tightly linked. It takes all of us to make the cash register ding! “THE POWER HAS SHIFTED FROM THE MERCHANT TO THE CONSUMER.” —JEFF BESOS