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Medicina DESPORTIVA in forma This edition is supported by: SPAT’s associates are receiving this edition free of charge. In order to continue to benefit from this ship- ment they must regulate their fees. The associates are also invited to submit their texts and their clinical cases in the section of SPAT. For further information please contact May 2018 Price – 2,50€ The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is about to begin. It will be a world of emotions, enthusiasm, expec- tations, moments of joy and sadness. It will be a great party that will touch everyone and makes us participate. We are looking for good games, good shows and that the winner is in fact the winner under sports truth. That’s what FIFA wants. Also, in the struggle against doping the mechanisms are in motion. All selections will be tested before the championship begins. The medical teams for the out-of-competition control are made up of four/five doctors and a FIFA official and they have the function of collecting urine and blood samples. Then, an individual biological passport will be made, which is a control instrument is built over time. The samples are sent in personal mail to the labora- tory in Lausanne, like what happened in Brazil 2014. It is also in this laboratory that the urine (and blood) samples collected after the game from at least four players will be analyzed. In this process only the agents indicated by FIFA will be involved. Security is guaranteed. In the meanwhile, around here, we can be calm, because the health and Performance Unit of the Portuguese Football Federation has planned and implemented the strategy to support our players. The medical team is huge in qua- lity and in adequate number. We have doctors from various specialties, physiotherapists and dedica- ted nurses, physiologist and other prevention agents. So far, we have already won. Let the game begin! Bimonthly Year 9 Number 03 Interview: Prof. Doctor Paul Amado 2 FMUP Summaries and Comments In-Flight Medical Emergencies during Commercial Travel 3 2018 ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of syncope 4 News 6 Memory: Dr. Camacho Vieira... here, with us forever 8 Scientific article: Pathology of cartilage in children and adolescents in sports practice. Treatment and prevention 10 Research: Minimally invasive treatment of knee osteoarthritis: corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid or biological regenerative substances? 14 Clinical case: Fracture of the coastal arches in football: conventional radiography vs. ultrasonography 18 Summaries: XXVIII rehabilitation and traumatology course of sport, Coimbra – Part 1 22 SPAT: Scientific article – Isolated injury of the posterior cruciate ligament 27 Agenda 32 The Revista de Medicina Desportiva informa is a scientific Portuguese national and international publication, published every two months. It aims to disclose sports medical con- tents through review and research topics, as well as to publish clinical cases related to the practice of sports medicine. It also discloses scientific meetings held in Portugal and abroad, and news as well. This magazine respects the Portuguese Law and is guided by criteria of exemption and scientific accuracy, ethical commitment and deontological respect. SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: CARDIOLOGY | António Freitas, Dr – Lisboa – Centro de Medicina Desportiva | Miguel Mendes, Dr – Lisboa – Hospital de Santa Cruz | Ovídio Costa, PhD – Porto – Faculdade de Medicina do Porto | Teles Martins, PhD – Lisboa – Departamento de Saúde Naval | Veloso Gomes, Dr – Faro – Hospital de Faro | DERMATOLOGY | Osvaldo Correia, PhD – Porto – Epidermis – Centro de Dermatologia| GASTRENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY | Rui Tato Marinho, PhD – Lisboa – Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa | GENERAL SURGERY | Bernardo Vasconcelos, Dr – Lisboa – Serviços Clínicos da Portugal Telecom | IMUNOALLERGOLOGY | André Moreira, PhD – Porto – Hospital de S. João | INTERNAL MEDICINE | Teixeira Veríssimo, PhD – Coimbra – Faculdade de Medicina de Coimbra | MEDICAL PHILOSOPHY | Manuel Sérgio, PhD – Lisboa | NUTRITION | Vitor Hugo Teixeira, PhD – Porto – Faculdade de Ciências da Nutrição | O