REVEAL Q3 2017 - Page 27

ATLANTA AQUARIUM Being the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, the Atlanta Aquarium is absolutely beautiful! It is a great place for kids to explore their different senses, and the aquarium even offers educational programs for youth of all ages. MOMMY & ME YOGA is a life saver! It can be hard to find time to work off the baby weight, but with Oh Baby Fitness, it can be a breeze. With various activities offered in multiple locations, all you have to do is search for one close by using your zip code or city and state. JENI’S ICE CREAM With locations throughout Atlanta, who doesn’t love an ice cream date on a hot, summer day? KROGER They offer a cooking class for children, called “Junior Chef” on Saturday’s. A fun and exciting way to get children to make delicious/healthy foods. Please check your local Kroger. These are a few of my favorite places to go to with my mommy friends. I hope you all find this list to be helpful when creating your next play date! REVEAL | Q3 2017 27 Stephanie is a mother of two boys. The founder of MUMWITHSTYLE on instagram, she believes in feeling good and looking good even if you’re a mom. As a former stylist now working in events, she still loves meeting new moms and paving the way how a woman should feel after pregnancy.