Retailer Web Services Digital Advisor Fall 2017 - Page 5

ON DECK HELPING PEOPLE IS NO. 1 AT MATTRESS USA A visit to Mattress USA’s Facebook page turns up rows of five-star reviews, behind- the-scenes video of their new store’s grand opening, and an image of a handwritten poem expressing thanks to Mattress USA for saving the day. For owners Dan and Ronda Corley, the social media page provides a glimpse of the way they run their showroom: a friendly, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where sales associates strive to help people, not hover over them. The Corleys have owned Mattress USA, located in Dothan in the southeast corner of Alabama, for the past six years. Within one year of ownership, and after spending a lot of money on the development of three websites, the Corleys turned to Retailer Web Services (RWS) to build their online presence and haven’t looked back. According to Dan, a WebFronts Level 4 early adopter through MEGA Group USA, “In five years with RWS, they have helped our business nearly double in sales volume. We cannot praise them enough.” The Digital Advisor team talked with Dan Corley and Andrew Bath, store manager and part-owner (and the Corley’s son-in- law), about the Mattress USA difference, their new store, and how digital has contributed to their success. Digital Advantage (DA): What made you get into the mattress business? Dan Corley (DC): Before Ronda and I bought the store, I managed it, and prior to that, worked there part time. I needed the income and saw it as honorable, honest work. You’re helping people, which I enjoy. It’s more than just selling a commodity to us. Our sales associates are not commission based. We build lifetime relationships with customers to benefit their health and wellness. It’s so rewarding to help people in their well-being. Left to right: Dan and Ronda Corley, Maranatha and Andrew Bath with Baby Aria DA: Your online reviews are stellar. People say you help ease their pain. How have you acquired this knowledge that’s clearly a market differentiator? DC: We are honored to have such good reviews. When most people come to us, they’re hurting. We work with professionals in our area—physical therapists, chiropractors, sleep doctors— learning about spinal alignment and the right pillows, depending on your sleep position. We focus on comfort and support so you wake up and don’t hurt. DA: How does Mattress USA give back to the community? DC: We go above and beyond with our appreciation of the military and first responders. For the last six years, we’ve donated new mattresses to [local] fire stations. We offer military discounts, special concessions, and free delivery to Fort Rucker military base, which is about 30 minutes from us. DA: Congratulations on your new store! What precipitated the second store in Dothan? DC: Luckily, with RWS’s excellent [help with our] website, people have been finding us. We’ve had sales gains every year and continue to grow. Customers tell us, “You have the best website!” But when people call us because of our online reviews and commercials, they ask if our store is “where the others a re located.” It’s not. We needed to be in Dothan’s retail area. With 10,000-plus square feet feet—9,000 is showroom space—we have twice as much space as other mattress stores in the area and double the size of our flagship location, which will remain open. DA: With 10 employees, what does leadership mean to you? How do you engage and motivate them? Andrew Bath (AB): Because our sales associates are not commission based, we have eliminated the car-lot-style competition between them and created a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. We invest in our employees, and they are higher paid. We’re not looking for people who are overly aggressive—and our employees appreciate that. We’re looking for people who want to help someone. Our main goal is to treat others the way we want to be treated and to lead by example. DA: What has your business gained by going digital? AB: Level 4’s ease-of-use, the automatic updates and promotions, and the support from RWS staff has freed up my time. It streamlines social media platforms with the website, which has a cleaner look thanks to RWS designers. It’s a good online presence that is mobile friendly. Our brand is uniform across all platforms. RWS has connected all the dots for us—and has connected us to major brands. 5