Rejuvenation Fall 2014 - Page 16

Rejuvenation Is An



* Bodywork

* Rest

* MORE Water

* Better quality over cheaper price

* Choose glass over plastic, metal, cardboard, & styrofoam

I have a deep and abiding faith in the ability of the human body to strive to be well. The same force that produces a perfectly formed human being from 2 single cells – that pumps our blood, inflates our lungs, digests our food, knits our fractured bones, replaces our red blood cells every 4 months and our skin cells every 2-3 weeks is always on duty. Dynamic physical wellness is the built-in goal of the human organism. Innate intelligence – the wisdom that makes us, remakes us, and heals us is part of our standard package. And, isn’t this the very definition of rejuvenation?

But I didn’t say it was easy……. Not even close! if you or someone you know is facing long-standing, chronic health issues. It is clear that we live in challenging times, from a wellness perspective. Real wellness can be difficult to achieve in a society that medicalizes and attempts to control pregnancy & birth, that promotes something like 49 doses of 19 vaccines before the age of 18, that treats old age like an inconvenience, that considers a 99-cent cheeseburger to be actual food, that is hostile to healthy time off (including, but not limited to: meditation, naps, adequate night time sleep, mental health days, and vacations), and that values stoicism and a high pain tolerance over vulnerability and symptoms.

Interference to wellness comes in many forms.

Physical, emotional, and chemical traumas all settle in our physical body, causing our body to adapt around them. These adaptations, each in their turn, create inefficiencies in function. Sometimes the inefficiencies are so subtle as to be undetectable (like a whisper), until the accumulation of damage can’t be ignored any longer (like a scream). Over the long term, it’s the adaptations that slowly erode our wellness, leaving us with increases in pain and dysfunction and decreases in energy and enjoyment.

Acute illness is one thing. In my opinion it’s perfectly logical for a healthy human organism to react to food borne pathogens by experiencing vomiting and/or diarrhea. That’s not sick, it’s healthy! It’s also logical for a healthy human organism that temporarily succumbs to a viral or bacterial infection to manifest phlegm and fever and body aches and overwhelming fatigue as a way to fight infection and recover.

Chronic diseases, on the other hand…….not quite so easy, but I foresee a time when all chronic disease will be known as part of an overall, systemic inflammatory process due to high toxic load and a lack of quality resources for recovery. It’s about the terrain of your body.