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5 Things You Can Do Now to Rejuvenate Yourself From the Inside Out Bachelor of Science in Education, Sue is a 1999 graduate of the Homeopathy School International in Boulder, Colorado as well as The Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies. As a Professional Homeopath, she is Board Certified by The Council for Homeopathic Certification and Registered with The Society of Homeopaths of North America. On-going studies with world-renowned homeopaths through seminars, conferences and advanced courses ensure knowledge and skill with the latest developments in Homeopathy. Her gentle approach, careful work and dedication to Classical Homeopathy are invaluable in addressing imbalances of all types. All inquires are welcomed.

1. Stop saying mean things to yourself. Old habits die hard, so trust me this one is far easier said than done. You will have to pay very close attention to your inner dialogue for a week or two, but do it because it's absolutely worth it! You are not ugly. No part of you is gross. It's true you're not perfect. In reality, though, no one is. Everyone in a movie or magazine has been photo shopped and airbrushed to appear as though they are closer to perfection, so please realize that this is make-believe.

And think about it, if you feed your body messages of hate, it would be a fool to respond to your requests to change. "Lose ten pounds, you disgusting jerk!" "No thank you. And by the way, I'm no longer speaking to you."

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. I already covered celebrities above, but wait, there is so much more... Don't compare yourself to your friends. Yes, Amy has long beautiful legs and you don't. Who cares. You're not Amy, so being envious of her legs is pointless. And besides, you're probably not aware that she looks at your curves and sighs longingly. We all have nice, lovely things about us. Focus on that! Love that! Celebrate that!

One more quick word here: Not comparing yourself to others includes your former self. Yes, you don't have the abs that you did when you were 21. I get it. You also probably don't have the same crushing student debt and that binge-drinking problem either. You grew up. A lot about you has changed and good thing because we were all starting to worry about you a bit.

Each time I sat down to write, I could see that this was the direction that I must go, but I couldn't immediately see how it would be beneficial for a style consultant, introducing herself to her community, to represent herself as some self-acceptance hippy dippy guru. I worried it was too tangential, and that I would miss an opportunity to present myself to people who are looking for services such as I can offer. Deep at my core, though, I know that this is not true. A style consult who focuses on thought rejuvenation IS, in fact, an accurate representation of who I am. Perhaps I'd do well to simply embrace it!

You see, so much of what we tell ourselves about the way we look comes from old wounds, from a place of hurt or lacking. Maybe you look at your face in the mirror and see the nose that you were teased for in grade school, or the thighs that aren't what they were in high school. Instead of celebrating who we actually are, we pick ourselves apart for not being something we aren't, probably never were, and will most likely never be. When I work with new clients, I am faced with the uphill battle of penetrating through all of their emotional baggage so that I can help them deal with reality instead of all of the messages that they've stored up and decided were true. I actually love this part of my job! That's because I get to see each person wake up and realize that not only is he or she not nearly as "bad" as what he or she once thought, but in fact, he or she is pretty freaking awesome!

So what can you do now to rejuvenate your thoughts, embrace your power, and look fabulous as a consequence? Let's get to it!