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General Information


Weighted Grades Grade Point Average [ GPA ]
GPA calculations are based on a 4.0 system . Based on the five-period day , each trimester of a class equals 0.5 credit . See your counselor for more information about GPA and class rank .
Honor / AP
A- 3.67 4.00 B + 3.33 3.67 B 3.00 3.33 B- 2.67 3.00 C + 2.33 2.67 C 2.00 2.33
D +
D 1.00 1.00 D- 0.67 0.67 F , I , NC 0.00 0.00 NG , P , RC
No Value Assigned
Class Rank
Class rank is calculated and reported based on GPA . It is the composite ordering of all students ’ GPAs . As GPAs change , so do class ranks . As grades are entered into the system , calculations are run and class ranks are produced . Most grades are entered into the system at the end of a trimester . However , situations that arise outside the usual grading window may affect class rank . These include :
• Incompletes that are changed to grades
• A transfer student ’ s grades added to the system
• A dropped student ’ s grades removed from the system
• PSEO grades added when received from the postsecondary institution
Academic Letters
Academic letters will be presented to students with the following GPAs :
• Freshmen with a 3.9 weighted GPA
• Sophomores with a 3.85 weighted GPA
• Juniors with a 3.80 weighted GPA
• Seniors with a 3.75 weighted GPA

Honors / AP Graduation Requirements

Honors courses have more rigorous expectations both in and out of class . Honors classes are described in the Course Selection section and have “ Honors ” or “ AP ” in the title . To receive honors credit , with a weighted grade , students must complete these courses with a C or above . ( See chart on left side of page .)
Honors courses also meet the requirements for graduation . Honors courses are for you if :
● You have a strong interest in the subject
● You would like to learn at a faster pace
● You are looking for something more challenging
● You want to be prepared for college level coursework
In order to graduate with honors from Anoka-Hennepin , the following criteria must be met . Honors graduation status is determined by the cumulative , weighted GPA at the end of the trimester 2 of the senior year . PSEO students ’ status will be determined after the fall semester . Rounding will not occur .
Category I : Honors
At least 3.3 weighted GPA . Requirements : There are no requirements concerning honors courses for this category
Category II : High Honors
At least 3.6 weighted GPA . Requirements : Students must earn at least six credits in honors courses during their high school career .
Category III : Highest Honors
At least 3.9 weighted GPA . Requirements : Students must earn at least 10 credits in honors courses from two or more departments during their high school career . Students earning credit in honors courses will receive honors recognition and a weighted grade if they earn a “ C ” or higher in the course .
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