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University of Minnesota Twin Cities : www . umn . edu
Specific colleges within the U of M Twin Cities campus have these additional requirements :
Liberal Arts , Education and Human Development , Agriculture , Food , and Natural Resource Sciences
Biological Sciences
Science and Engineering
Carlson School of Management
Since admission to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus is very competitive , it is highly suggested that high school students take rigorous courses all four years . Most students accepted have taken advanced math and science during their senior year .
Minnesota Private Colleges : www . mnprivatecolleges . com
You are a strong candidate for college admission at Minnesota ’ s private colleges if you have taken :
English Math
Social Studies Science World Language
College prep curriculum grades 9 through 12 , science strongly recommended for grade 12
4 years math , 4 years science , including a year of Physics [ prefer physics courses over advanced biology courses ]
College prep curriculum grades 9 through 12 , strong math , science and art skills
4 years of math through Precalculus [ minimum ]; 4 years science including a year of physics
4 years of math through Precalculus [ minimum ]; 4 years science including a year of physics [ prefer academic courses over business courses ]
4 years
At least 3 years of math , including a minimum of Advanced Algebra / HS Algebra II
3 or more years 3 or more years of science with lab
2 or more years of a single world language
Several courses
Students are highly encouraged to take Honors , AP and / or IB courses for a challenging , well-rounded college preparatory curriculum . ACT or SAT tests are required .
Both the practice and the actual ACT college and career readiness assessment will be offered during a school day . Students may elect to send results from the actual ACT to colleges as part of the college application process . Students that choose to participate in the Preliminary SAT ( PSAT ) and are U . S . citizens are entered into the National Merit Scholarship program . Additional information on the National Merit Scholarship program can be found at : http :// nationalmerit . org .
Note that a student ’ s rigorous course curriculum , grade point average , class rank and ACT / SAT scores are considered in the final admission decision . If students have questions , they should contact the admissions department of the specific college or university .
The following Web sites are popular sites to search for college information beyond the Minnesota schools listed on this page : www . collegeview . com www . collegeboard . com www . petersons . com www . collegenet . com www . gocollege . com www . fastweb . monster . com
Remember , for the most up-to-date , accurate college application information , you need to contact directly any school you are interested in applying to .
NCAA Eligibility Center
To be certified by the Eligibility Center , you must : Access information and application directly from the NCAA Eligibility Center web site : www . eligibilitycenter . org
Naviance Family Connection
All District 11 high school students will have access to Naviance Family Connection . This web-based program provides individual career assessments , resume building and college search / information . Through the use of this program , high school students will be able to start planning for their post-secondary goals through a series of school-based activities and on their own .
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