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RX : Who is Empress Conscious and how did you come by your name ? EC : Empress Conscious is an upcoming Canadian Artiste ; I am a strong Nubian woman who is humble and love the music and arts . The name Empress Conscious came about through self awareness , wisdom and knowledge of self and my surroundings .
RX : When did you start doing music ? What is your style and genre ? EC : I started doing music technically from the time I was in my Queen Mother ’ s womb , thanks to my Dad who played music for me all the time due to the fact he is a DJ . My style and genre is versatile . I started writing my music in my early teens ; doing little music videos and singing and dancing for my family and friends . Music is not only a career it ’ s a gift from within , and the reason I say this is because I love and enjoy it . The styles that I do is Dancehall , Calypso , Hip Hop , Reggae , Creative and Funk .
RX : Why did you choose that ? EC : I chose music and arts for the love and joy it brings to me ; it ’ s a powerful vibration that touches the inner being .
RX : Tell us about the making of your singles “ Down the Chute ” and “ Don ’ t Judge Me ”. EC : The making of my song “ Down the Chute ” came about because of where I was residing at that time . I was living right in front of the garbage chute and the condition of how it was prompted me to write this song . As for “ Don ’ t Judge Me ”, I was inspired to write that from witnessing individuals making assumptions about others .
RX : What are your short and long term goals for your music ? EC : My short term goal is to keep writing and performing and getting my music out for my fans to enjoy and my long term goal is to work with like minded individuals .
RX : Tell us about your dancing career . EC : My dancing career again in my opinion , started since I was in my Queen Mother ’ s womb , once music was playing I would be dancing . I started taking it seriously after dancing at events with friends and relatives and people started complimenting me on the way I moved and grooved to the rhythm of music when it played . Because of those compliments , I decided to make dance a part of my career goals .
RX : Challenges you face as an upcoming artiste . EC : The challenge I face as an upcoming artiste is my music being played on the radio . How else are you supposed to be known if those that have the platform are not willing to assist and support you ?
RX : Tell us something about Empress Conscious that we don ’ t know . EC : I also dance Indian music in full attire for special events .
RX : Anything else you want to say ? EC : Visit Itunes h t t p : / / s t o r e . c d b a b y . c o m / C d / e m p r e s s conscious1 and download my music . Watch out for my new singles “ Playing Games ” and “ Blow up the phone ”. I would like to thank all the people who encouraged , inspired and supported me in all my endeavors . You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @ EmpressRealConscious . Bookings contact : ( 647 ) 704-5739 or email 1empress . 2b @ gmail . com .
RX : Any big ups or shout-outs ? EC : Big up to my family , friends and fans and most of all to ReggaeXclusive Magazine . RX : Blessings and good luck with your music career .
“ Don ’ t Judge Me ”
Now Available for download and purchase on ITunes at : http :// store . cdbaby . com / Cd / empress conscious1 Look out for 2 new singles “ Playing Games ” and “ Blow up the Phone ”
For Bookings Contact : E : 1empress . 2b @ gmail . com / P : 647-704-5739 Facebook & Instagram @ EmpressRealConscious
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