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RX: When and why did you start your business? BR: In the 80’s, over 20 years now I’ve been in the Pattie business. In Jamaica I was inspired by Patties so I decided to give it a try and started the business. I love patties, so I make it with lots of love. RX: Some of the challenges you have faced? BR: Workers and material problems; sometimes some of the suppliers don’t have the material we need and then we have to go all over the place to find the material. With the workers some of them don’t have any experience and we have to train them and retrain them and when we train them sometimes they leave cause it’s kind of a hard job. RX: Future plans for the business? BR: After all these years the plans got easier because I’ve tried many other stores in the past but it didn’t work out because most of our people don’t give support to black businesses in our community. So the plan was to try open about four more stores, but I eased off of that, so I am thinking about the future right plan now. RX: How many stores currently and location? BR: I used to have a couple in Brampton and in Downsview, but only one in Rexdale area right now. Maybe I will give it a try to open more locations in the future if I get the right partner to do so this time around. UP CLOSE WITH BIG ROB CEO OF PATTIE WORLD RX: Name and business? BR: Linford Robinson aka Big Rob of Pattie World located at 86 Guided Court, Toronto ON. RX: Some of the foods you offer? BR: We offer all kinds of Pattie; beef, chicken, vegetable, callaloo and saltfish, ackee and salthfish, shrimp, jerk chicken, cheese, curry goat; and the food we offer is regular oxtail, fish, curry goat, cow foot, stew peas, ackee and saltfish, and other typical Jamaican food. For sweets we offer Peanut drops, gizzada, and more. RX: Why should people come to Pattie World to buy your food and patties? BR: Lots of diversity, the service, the hospitality, and lots of giveaways. Once you come for the first time, I may give you a free Pattie or soup, just to welcome you, I am known for that. And of course, we have the best Pattie in town and the sweetest Jamaican cuisine. RX: Any advice to young business entrepreneurs? BR: Make sure you start loving what you do, if you don’t, down the road you will break and you can’t break, you have to stay the course. The big chicken and hamburger business guys stayed their course and succeeded in the end. If you fall down, get up and try again until you succeed. Love your business and have a passion for it and you will stay strong. RX: Something about Rob that we don’t know. BR: Big Rob is a gentle humble man who respects everyone. Some think I am big and scary but no, I am very humble and respectful. I am also a producer. I produced songs with Ken Boothe, John Holt, Delroy Wilson, George Nooks, Alton Ellis, Stranjah Cole and more. I am also an artiste; I even sang a few songs with Ken Boothe and worked with Freddie McKay, Tony Tuff, Bonnie Brown from the Chosen Few and Prince Everald. RX: Any big ups or shout-outs? BR: Big up to everyone, thanks to all who support Pattie World and blessings to all especially my Mother, Ground Force and Uncle Willie who deh bout long time from day one, and all the crew that work at Pattie World, big up to all the ones and ones and ones. RX: Give thanks Big Rob, continued success in your business ventures. reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: [email protected] Pg - 11