Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 48

Overall this year was a rollercoaster of emotions and events, however there was one event that stood out from the others. During the spring break my family and I decided to travel to Dubai. Dubai is a progressive city filled with tall skyscrapers. During my stay there I unfortunately contracted the coronavirus. It all started during my third day there. I realized that I felt much more tired and it seemed that almost every part of my body was aching. At first I thought that this was maybe due to the lack of sleep or fatigue from doing many activities. However after three days I began to realize that maybe this is something much more than just tiredness. Therefore I decided to go get tested. I confidently did the test telling myself that this was simply a checkup to make sure everything was fine. The thought that I might have it still consumed my thoughts and I became very stressed. Eventually the test result came back and it was positive, confirming my suspicions. I didn't fear much for myself because I knew that I was a healthy young boy and that covid shouldn't affect me much. I was more concerned for the health of my family. I was scared that maybe I had passed it on to them. I was then moved to an apartment with my mother and I stayed quarantined for ten days. During these ten days I learnt many new tricks and skills to ease the boredom. Eventually after ten days it was time to do my pcr test. I furtonlety tested negative and was ready to go back to malta. During these days I realized that simply having a positive attitude made it so much easier to get through this difficult time.

Yousef Al Sadi