Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 47

Ok so when covid started we were coming back from russia after new years and when we got to Malta a few weeks later we went into lockdown. The first time we went into lockdown and had to do zoom calls it was kind of hard because I was still trying to get the hang of all of it but after a while it became a lot easier and I actually enjoyed it. Of course I wasn't able to meet up with any of my friends and that was pretty boring. After the last day of school I went to Finland for the whole summer to see my grandparents and when I came back we were doing in real life school once again... but in masks. To be honest I don't mind masks like i'm pretty used to them and it's not impossible to breath but the fact that it's almost summer and we still have to wear mask is painful because

1. I do not want a facemask tan on my face

2. It's impossible to breath especially after PE

During the winter although it's a lot easier and actually the masks sort of kept my face warm but now that it's summer again its going to get hot again and impossible to breath.

Arina Vasileva