Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 21

My experiences with covid are rather limited because I have only lived in a country that takes covid seriously for about 5 months, something that covid did affect was fundraising in my old class for a graduation celebration. For example, we were supposed to sell bracelets, but many strangers didn’t want to buy bracelets off of random kids because they were fearful of corona and we’re also not very good salespeople.

Corona regulations also stopped us from being able to host a Halloween party for the lower grades to raise money, because they said that you were only allowed non-school-related groupings of six people, I suggested that we make separate rooms with different activities for it but the principal refused on the basis of said regulations.

When I moved to Malta, a country that actually takes coronavirus seriously, it was nice to see other people wearing masks everywhere, and the amount of hand sanitizer in and outside of stores for people to use, the regulations on the number of people that may gather in a specific place, and how seriously in general even the population seems to take it. It was a refreshing new start from a country that doesn't care.

Mira Brusin