Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 20

This pandemic has changed our lives. I remember the first case that came to Malta, was brought from Italy in March.A month prior to it being brought, everyone in Malta had a huge scare and went on massive grocery shopping sprees. Loads of toilet papers were bought along with loads of variety of food.At the end of March we were sent into online school and there were a few restrictions. Everyone had to stay home and adapt to the new lifestyle from one day to another. This was a weird experience staying at home and zooming for online classes. Many people adapted by taking up hobbies. Loads of people started baking and making bread. The scariest part of what was happening throughout the whole pandemic, was no one knew how long it would last. I personally didn’t like the experience since it isolated me from my friends which made it difficult to socialize in person with anyone other than my family. Also since we had to stay home, it made me procrastinate even more than I already did. Luckily cases got better by summer which gave my classmates and I the ability to meet up while keeping each other safe. Then at the beginning of September we were privileged enough to get back to school while social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing constantly. It was going very well until in October one of our classmates got corona which sent us into online school and me and four other families into quarantine for 2 weeks. It wasn’t completely new for us since we were on online school for the end of grade 8 but this time we couldn’t leave our homes. I even experienced a quarantine birthday for my birthday which was filled with a lot of a FaceTime and Zoom calls. Overall, it has been an overwhelming experience which is slowly becoming the new normal.

Sofie Gauci