ReCreativtiy Social Enterprise - Page 14

SIGITA, LATVIA From this training I got new friendship I would even say a „soul mate” and I am quite sure we will realize some projects together! What I did there first time in my life: • participated in photo workshops. I really enjoyed it and get inspired! Now I know some basic rules which I can use • made wallet from tetra pack. • saw fireflies first time in my life and I felt like in fairy tale! :) • traveled alone to other country so now I know that feeling and it is ok – I am able to do that. Since the training I have a different attitude to photos I am making, I am trying to use basic rules and also experiment. I will teach for kids in my school and students in some camps, how to make a wallet from tetra pack, notebook. And most importantly I got inspiration! Positive and active people with their stories, ideas and personalities. When I do things together with people from 8 different countries I get hope, that one day tolerance among nations will be just as obvious as breathing.