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Moms, we need you to know how much we appreciate you. We are so thankful to you for being our moms. For standing by us and holding our hand when we need it. For nurturing us and teaching us common courtesy and respect. Teaching us how to love and to be loved.

Everyone’s definition of “mother” varies, but mine has always been “The female nurturer; giver of care and affection; rock of every household”.

Where would we be without mothers? Women are God’s gift to the world- the child bearing woman- she endures it all and she still has the strength to care for her young.

Take a look at the animal kingdom: the fierce feline and her baby cubs or mama bear and her young- ferociously protective, adoringly nurturing, with the intention to protect at all odds.

There is nothing greater than the mom; she is an essential part of this world. We would LITERALLY not exist without our mothers. Even though there are certain moms who may not have necessarily been very present in the lives of their child, they still carried us for 9 months, went through hours and hours of excruciating labor pains and then gazed upon our newborn faces with adoration in their eyes and love in their hearts.

For them to love us after the swollen feet, never ending vomit, peculiar appetite, weight gain, mood swings, and the unforgettable pain of childbirth, is a miracle all in itself, and if we have nothing else to be grateful for, that is more than enough.

Moms, thank you for putting us before yourselves, we know how hard that must have been. Thank you for trying your best, not for yourselves, but for us. Thank you for letting us fall, but always standing close by with a hand ready to help us back onto our feet. Thank you for not letting us know how hard it was to support us through struggling times. Thank you for your unconditional, unwavering, unfaltering love and support through the journey of our lives. Thank you for teaching us to hold our own and be strong independent women of society. Thank you for the late night talks and trying really hard to step out of “mom mode” when we needed a friendly ear. Thank you for not killing us when we broke an expensive dish, or got food on your brand new carpet, broke your favorite necklace or spilled juice on your laptop. Thank you for getting us up every morning, putting food on the table and driving us to school. Thank you for taking us to hang out with our friends and only complaining about gas every other time.

Moms, we want to thank you for being the incredible, fantastic, inspiring and influential women that you are! Thank you for being our mom.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world but, I can truly say that without my mom’s guidance and wisdom, love and honesty, I would never have turned into the woman I am today. There is no one I am more grateful for in this world than my mother.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderful warriors we call Mom.

Moms We Need You To Know

by Annelea Bootle