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Real Life Real Faith

Empowering You to Empower Yourself

I stand before you today grateful, grateful that I had the opportunity to know this beautiful woman, this beautiful spirit; grateful that I was blessed with the title of “Anne Penn’s daughter”, grateful that I can say that Anne Penn is my mummy. The day after mummy transitioned, I sat and reflected with gratitude on the fact that there was nothing left unsaid between us; there was nothing I didn’t say to her, there was nothing she didn’t say to me. There were NO words unspoken between us. We talked every day, we laughed every day, we shared every day and we loved each other every day.

I know how to love because my mummy taught me how to love, I know how to give because my mummy taught me how to give, and I will strive every day to continue the legacy that she left in me. If I can be half the woman that my mummy was I will be a dynamic individual. Anne Penn didn’t need to TELL you who she was; she simply WAS who she was. She was simply the best of the best and in her 69 years on this earth she positively and profoundly impacted the lives and hearts of many. I love you mummy, now and FOREVER!